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My name is Dan Stewart and I create videos, do photography, play guitar...oh wait, you're probably not all that interested in that last one.


Anyhoo, I'm here to help make your creative endeavor as professional (and awesome) as it can be.  My job is to take your message and make it cinematic, fun, watchable, and, most importantly, effective!

My Services

Man Holding Camera

Production & Post Production

Some companies hire me to shoot, some to edit, and some to do both.  I produce TV commercials, web videos, marketing videos, corporate videos, and just about anything that involves a

camera and editing.

I shoot with a RED Dragon-X that captures video up to 6K resolution.  I also shoot with a Sony A7III for gimbal and smaller productions.

Drone Photo & Video/Real Estate Photography

I fly a Mavic 2 Pro drone that shoots up to 4K resolution.  My drone is registered and I have my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.  Yes, flying drones is a lot of fun!

For real estate photography, I use a flash-ambient technique (flambient) that I believe makes each room more evenly lit while maintaining a more realistic look.

Creative Development

Often times I come into a project that already has a vision and a direction.  I'm always grateful to be a part of those.  But I also love developing concepts with the client as they begin the long and winding road of marketing.  This involves brainstorming ideas, scripting, talent acquisition, and of course shooting, editing, and delivery of the final product!


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